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If you’re like most small businesses and non-profits I know, you don't spend a ton of money on branding and marketing.  Usually, the budget just isn’t there - at least from my perspective! Instead, you cut corners wherever you can to save money and you most likely wear several different hats depending on what you’re trying to achieve. The bottom line is that you want healthy growth, but you’re not yielding the fruit that you really think your company should be producing.
…It's time to show you the VALUE of branding!

Everyone wants a business that grows, but not everyone knows how to begin growing a healthy business.  Here at Seedsprout Consulting, we focus on 5 areas that will help your small business or non-profit begin to grow healthy. Through the lenses of business strategy, branding, design marketing, and management you will learn valuable insight that will help your business start heading in the right direction.

My #1 goal here at Seedsprout Consulting is to help you avoid many of the branding mistakes that small businesses and non-profits make so that you can differentiate yourself from the competition and begin to grow a profitable brand.

Over the last two decades, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and non-profits learn how to clarify their brand. As I share valuable content, I’ve taken the knowledge and expertise that I've learned and simplified it so that it’s easy to understand with actionable steps you can begin taking now. I focus on principles that last, not temporary fixes that become headaches in the future.

If you’re looking to build a profitable brand, aren't afraid of working hard, and willing to put in the time, then you’re in the right place.

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