Our process consists of five stages that I personally like to use as a guide to help you grow a healthy, profitable brand. When I look at the big picture, each stage represents a bigger milestone than the in-between stages. It’s my desire to help you grow your small business or non-profit through a handful of products and services I offer ranging from free to making an investment. Here is an overview of what’s in each stage.



During the discovery stage, we will begin to learn about each other. If we haven't met you through my on-boarding e-course ( " 7 Tips to a Healthy Profitable Brand" ), you can respond to any of the emails and I will interact with you from there. I also provide a roadmapping service which puts us face to face so we can learn even more about each other. I love this stage because it starts the fire!




In the clarity stage, there are two pillars we like to stand on: Education and Evaluation. As you learn some valuable insight through this website (specifically on the blog and through the free downloads, newsletters, and future products), I want you to begin to see how these principles can be implemented in your business or non-profit. Through education, you will receive fresh vision to begin clarifying your brand resulting in a blueprint for the future.




This is where you begin to embrace your vision and take actionable steps toward building a healthy, profitable brand. I am in the process of building an online course that will help with this stage. If you’re interested in taking this course, drop me a line and let me know your thoughts. You will also find strategy posts on the blog from time to time. I also offer a few branding packages and a coaching package where I will be able to help you build your brand.




This is probably one of the most important stages to be aware of in your business or non-profit. Once you have clarity about your brand and strategies for what to do with your brand, you have to make sure to have systems in place that can handle your growth. This is where I see so many small businesses fail. Consistency in everything builds trust in potential clients and prospects. Whatever frequency you can handle, consistency is key.




During the momentum stage, you will certainly feel the warm, gentle summer breeze as you see your small business or non-profit consistently growing healthy.  Sometimes it takes awhile to get to this stage, but with hard work and passion you will certainly make it here sooner rather than later. The coaching service that I offer is a good way to have a sounding board available to help continue building momentum!

This is a before and after transformation that I helped bring to life for a non profit called Eagles Wings


Whether you’re just starting out or relaunching an existing brand, Seedsprout can help. I have a growing number of free resources on this website that you can access, or you can choose to dig in through a roadmapping session.  I'll review your marketplace, your customers, your competitors, and your pain points to discover what your prospects really want. This will help me to create an effective brand strategy for your business or non-profit. As you begin to grow consistently while building momentum, I will be right by your side. The result is a Healthy, Profitable Brand!

Let’s Get Started!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. I will personally get back to you as soon as I can.