Helping you grow a healthy, profitable brand!

For almost two decades I have been helping startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits gain clarity, develop strategy, maintain consistency and build momentum so they can grow a healthy, profitable brand. I do this primarily through the following services: Road-mapping & Branding.


Roadmapping gives me an opportunity to meet you and your company. As we dive in to reach the heart of your unique brand, we will start to develop strategic planning through a series of questions based on your goals. This typically takes anywhere from 2-4 hours and can be rendered in person (if you are local) or by video chat. Next, research will be done and a quote/report will be supplied based on the outcome from our roadmapping session as well as the research that was completed. If we are a good fit and you decide to stay with me, then GREAT! I'm looking forward to working with you!, if not and you desire to go elsewhere ( which you will regret ), you will have a valuable roadmap as a guide to help you move forward.

Get started today on the next page by scheduling a free ( 20 min call ) with me. Please note there is an intake form as you schedule your call. This will help us start the process before we actually talk to one another. Also just a reminder, this call is absolutly free before you commit to purchasing an actual Roadmapping session.



Branding is the overall story of a company that is told and perceived within the first few minutes of introduction.  Your brand should reflect who you are as a culture, what you do or sell as a product or service, and how well you serve your customers.  The goal is to clearly communicate, interact with your target audience, and eventually keep them as loyal customers. Branding is an art that is not only intentional, but strategic. Let's learn how to build and steward your brand together!

I offer three branding packages at different price points:

The Brand Starter  - This package is designed to help you start the branding process and is recommended for startups, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.

This package will include the following:

•  One-hour roadmapping session
•  Branding Essentials
•  Brand Identity & Style Guide
•  Website
•  Bonus Material


The Rebrand  - The Rebrand Package is specifically designed to help small businesses or non-profits who struggle with brand identity and can't seem to build the momentum they are looking for.

Includes everything in the Brand Starter Package, plus the following:

•  3 one-hour Roadmapping / Coaching sessions
•  Brand Identity Extension


The Custom Brand- This package includes a custom quote that’s based on a complete roadmapping session.

Includes everything in the above packages, plus the following:

•  30-60 second explainer video
•  Custom quote above and beyond the Brand Starter and Rebrand packages
•  Business & marketing strategy outline

STARTING AT - $7,500