Planting The First Seed

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “ Why do I do what I do?”.  Ever so often I ask this question to help keep me in check and make sure I'm still headed in the right direction. At least that’s what I think!  I’ve always believed that my purpose, passions, convictions, and skill set should be in alignment if I want to be able to thrive. 


Welcome to “The Inside Dirt”, a place where you will be able to grow a healthy, profitable brand! Hi, my name is Adam DiLernia, the founder of Seedsprout Consulting. For almost two decades I have studied branding, marketing, design, management, & business strategy. My desire for this blog is to see your small business or non-profit receive fresh, insightful tips and strategies that will allow your brand to be more profitable. I will also be providing actionable steps that are simple to follow along the way. 

Personal Experience

I have worked for several design / advertising agencies throughout my career. If I look back I can definitely reflect on a few things. But why is it that bad experiences or failures always seem to come to mind first? It's because those experiences are the catalyst to what often drives us to make things better. 

This was the case when I worked at an advertising agency in New York. Not only did I grow tremendously in the skill set of graphic design and art direction, I will never forget how I discovered that we didn’t have a traffic manager.  This would make me cringe when an account rep would come and visit my desk and ask me to deliver a project with yesterday’s deadline.  Then, several other account reps would stop in and give me multiple projects with yesterday’s deadline as well. I didn’t feel like a graphic designer; I felt like a firefighter that had to put out multiple fires on a weekly basis. This was exhausting and to say the least, very frustrating! Can you relate? 

During this time, I would always say to myself that there has to be a better way. I strive for quality and excellence in the work that I create, but that always conflicts with time and money. While working in several more companies and organizations, I never fully realized that I was fit to start my own business. Although I did freelance early on and called my company “Seedgraphics”, I always had this connection to the power of what a seed really is. It's so small, yet it can grow into something great if you nurture it and take care of it!   

Why the Name Seedsprout?

The name Seedsprout came about as I was trying to refine what I would like to focus on: helping people, projects, and businesses grow healthy.  I just love to see anything grow healthy, so I connected the word seed to the word sprout which really defines the DNA of what I'm all about.  If I can plant healthy seeds that contain great ideas, help your business get set up by focusing on the basics of branding, marketing, design, and business strategy all connected to management, and then show you how to begin nurturing that, then I have done my job. There is no limit to what you can grow, but my part is to help you get started on the right track. 

Planting the First Seeds

Before we even get to planting the seeds, we have to make sure the dirt you want to plant in is ready.  First, we have to till the ground and loosen the way we think. Next, we have to take out any weeds, old roots, and rocks.  This represents the things that will keep your business from its full potential such as distractions, old mindsets, etc. Then, we’ll have to mix in some nutrients (healthy principles that will enhance growth and create balance) and prepare the soil for planting. Last, we’ll begin planting four types of seeds that will need to be managed and nurtured on a daily basis. 

The four types of seeds that Seedsprout focuses on planting are the Business Strategy seed, the Branding seed, the Design seed, and the Marketing seed. All of which need to be managed properly.  I believe within the DNA of these 4 seeds you will see the foundation of a healthy, profitable business. 

How to Get the Most out of Seedsprout Consulting

There are three areas of focus that I try to accommodate ranging from free content, to paid services, to high end consulting.   

On the free side, you will find a ton of content beginning to grow on the Seedsprout blog - The Inside Dirt. You will also find some original content as well as content from other entrepreneurs that I see relevant to share with our community.  Check out the Inside Dirt Here

Paid Services: I offer a roadmapping service as well as three Branding + Creative Packages. You can read more details on this page

High End Consulting: I make this service available to only a few companies per year because of the limited amount of time that I have available.  My area of focus and desire is to help as many people and small businesses as possible with the expertise that I have gained along the way. 


So, there you have it, a little history of where I came from, what I’m focusing on, and where I’m headed.  I really enjoy helping people and small businesses understand and grow their brands.  It can be very difficult and overwhelming in a media centric world to have clear focus.  From our computer screens, to our smart phones, to practically everywhere our eyes land, there is somebody or something vying for our attention. At Seedsprout Consulting, it's my job to help you define and position your brand, but it’s your job to nurture and take care of it!  Let’s grow something great together!  

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Also, as you take a look around the site, if you have any suggestions you can email me here and I will personally answer every email as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your time! I look forward to hearing from you in the Seedsprout community! 

Adam DiLernia 

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