I want to recommend to you the consulting expertise and graphic design excellence of Adam Dilernia. Adam has a unique combination and blend of creativity and administrative organizational skill. His fresh approach to design will give you a cutting edge look for your company, business or ministry. I have worked with Adam for over 15 years. Adam is very strong at implementing a consistent brand in his design work. Adam also has a very creative and gifted video skill. He has created amazing commercials for our TV and online show, as well as other promotional videos. Adam also has a very congenial personality and is very uplifting and easy to work with. 

~ Matt Sorger, President of Matt Sorger Ministries & Power for Life


Brand Type: Event Branding

Eagles' Wings has a handful of semi branded initiatives throughout their ministry. Although each initiative has its own style and feel it was problematic for EW to bring all of them together under one Umbrella.  This put a strain on overall branding.  When we first started EW gave us more than 25 logos that represented the Eagles' Wings Ministry, to say the least, this was utterly confusing. Their are some projects below where you will be able to see the Brand transformation.

So we began to update and re-brand each initiative, essentially bringing up the quality and setting a higher standard of consistency Moving forward. We refined one logo to represent the ministry. We also created a digital style guide for staff to use on a consistent basis and brought the overall quality of events, conferences and banquets to a much higher level.   Creating invitations to the Jerusalem Banquets not only impressed those who were invited but it was the most attended banquets that raised the most amount of money for the ministry to do the work that they do.  

SSC Services:
• Logo Design
• Brand Naming
• Style guide
• Design Services

Rendered Work: