Roundtable Resources

Thank you for taking the time to check out our Roundtable resources. Please bookmark this page as we will be adding content as the roundtables unfold.  I also kindly ask on an honor system that you use these resources for yourself. Please dont share this page with anyone without permission.

You will see the 4 areas that seedsprout consulting focuses on below. We have created a handful of worksheets and resource sheets in PDF format for you to download. Please note that each Category such as Strategy, Branding, Design and Marketing has its downloads in that section. Everything should be well organized, but if you see anything that needs to be fixed, please let us know. Thanks, I am looking forward to the next time we meet! Until then!

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Let's Grow Something Great!
Adam DiLernia



Worsheet 1 : Strategizer Diagram

Worsheet 2 : Yearly Goal Sheet

Worsheet 3 : Quarterly Goal Sheet

Worsheet 4 : Value Ladder (Coming Soon)

Resource : Reference Sheet

Audio: Strategy Presentation

Video: Strategy Presentation 


Worsheet 1 : The Perfect Brand Alignment Coming Soon!

Worsheet 2 : Creating a Value Proposition Coming Soon!

Resource : Reference Sheet

Audio: Branding Presentation

Video: Strategy Presentation


Worsheet 1 : Design Strategy (Coming Soon)

Worsheet 2 : Design Project Checklist (Coming Soon)

Resource 1: Timeless Scaleable Techniques ( Coming Soon)

Resource 2: being creative ( Coming Soon )

Audio: Design Presentation

Video: Design Presentation - Coming Soon


Worsheet 1 : Coming Soon!

Worsheet 2 : Coming Soon!

Resource : Coming Soon!

Audio: Marketing Presentation

Video: Marketing Presentation