I want to recommend to you the consulting expertise and graphic design excellence of Adam Dilernia. Adam has a unique combination and blend of creativity and administrative organizational skill. His fresh approach to design will give you a cutting edge look for your company, business or ministry. I have worked with Adam for over 15 years. Adam is very strong at implementing a consistent brand in his design work. Adam also has a very creative and gifted video skill. He has created amazing commercials for our TV and online show, as well as other promotional videos. Adam also has a very congenial personality and is very uplifting and easy to work with. 

~ Lisa Melia


Brand Type: Brand Focus & Events

The Long Island Aquarium is part of several properties located on the east end of long Island that SSC providess work for. Part of the the challenge is to be able to provide a level of quality, on time within budget that will elevate the overall look and feel of all their brands on a consistent basis. 

Although rebranding signage continues to take some time, it has elevated the overall quality of the Aquarium experience. It's brought clarity, focus and has educated many visitors.  I have also created many branded events that have brought in additional revenue to the aquarium.  From digital and print ads to commercials SSC has provided a level of quality that has helped bring brand consistency to a whole new level. Providing high quality creative and executing on the daily production of projects has been the primary ays I have been able to serve the Long Island Aquarium.

SSC Services:
• Branded events
• Corporate identity
• Aquarium Signage
• Creative Direction
• Social Media
• Packaging
• Design Services
• Video Services

Rendered Work: