Seedsprout branding packages

I desire to partner with small businesses and non-profits that are ready to simplify and communicate their entire brand. Although I can design a nice logo for you, I'm more interested in the big picture and where your business brand is headed. It’s important not to look at branding as a quick visual fix, but rather a strategic, thoughtful, and complete entity.

Below are a few branding services that I offer to get started

branding_PKG 1.jpg


This package is designed to help you start the branding process and is recommended for startups, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. First, I will work with you through a one-hour roadmapping session. Then, we'll walk through the brand essentials which include several actionable exercises.  Next, we will work on your brand identity and style guide, and last we will build a starter website on the Squarespace platform together.  

This package will include the following:

During this session, we will get acquainted with one another and begin to assess what your vision and goals are. Essentially, we will lay all of the puzzle pieces out on the table to discuss.

In this section, you will learn the value of branding and there will be several actionable exercises on the following:

  • Brand Naming - I’ll help you clarify your brand or business name if needed so you can be more effective in your market.
  • Value Proposition - How clear is the value you provide - How clear is the value you provide - How clear is the value you provide! Together we will clarify the value you offer clients.
  • Positioning  - Where do you belong? I’ll help you to strategically and intentionally define your place in the market.
  • Strategy  - We’ll discuss where you envision your brand going, suggestions on how to get there, and well explore phases/ milestones along the way.
  • Style Board - We'll review different brand style options for ideas.
  • Asset Management - We’ll review the importance of using a style guide followed by how to manage your brand assets so things don't become overwhelming.


  • Logo Development - I will create and update 1-3 logos to use for your new company or non-profit.
  • Styleguide - A style guide will help you maintain your brand especially when you have employees. I have a few options we can choose from.


  • A customized 8-page Squarespace website that gets you rolling in the right direction. 
  • Minor image research that fits your brand
  • Instructions on how to edit and maintain your website

I will also include several collateral pieces with your brand to help get you get started:

  •  Two business cards, letterhead, and envelope design
  •  Two social media graphics ( Cnava ready if you have an account )
  •  Two presentation slides



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The Rebrand Package is specifically designed to help small businesses or non-profits who struggle with brand identity and can't seem to build the momentum they are looking for.

Includes everything in the Brand Starter Package, plus the following:

After getting acquainted in our first session, I will give suggestions and answer any questions you may have in session two. I will also have more actionable items for you to complete. Then, in session three, I will do some training on managing assets, best practices for building momentum, and suggested strategies for moving forward.


  • Logo Development - I will create a total of 3-5 instead of 1-3 logo variations for you to choose from. Includes 2 revisions.


* Represents 1 roadmapping session from the starter package and 2 follow-up coaching sessions for a total of three sessions.


branding_PKG 3.jpg


This package includes a custom quote that's based on a complete roadmapping session.*

Includes everything in the above packages plus the following:

This is a 30-60 second explainer video that will enhance your brand and explain your product or service with clarity. We’ll talk about specifics in our roadmapping session.

Anything we discuss in our roadmapping session that is above and beyond the above two packages and specific to your business will be included in your quote. 

Starting at $7,500

* Represents 1 complete roadmapping session ( 3-4hrs ) that's included in the starting price above.