My First IMDB Movie!


I worked as a compositor for this movie with Platinum Platypus In NY.  It was an honor and a privilege to work on my part in my first movie and to be apart of this team! The Cast included C. Thomas Howell , Burt Reynolds and Lisa Sheridan. Click here to view the full cast.

And of course here is the official IMDB page of Adam DiLernia! 

Here is a brief breakdown of our compositing process and visual effects work for the Starz original film "Category 5," starring C. Thomas Howell, Chelsea Kane, and Burt Reynolds.

Film synopsis: A series of disastrous geological coincidences occur creating a perfect storm scenario and forming the largest hurricane in human history. One family is derailed by a series of interconnected events while trying to survive the storm.

View the trailer at:

Software used:
After Effects
Lightwave 3d

The Piano Exchange Shoot - Glen Cove NY

Today the Plat Plat team and I went to glen cove on a shoot at the Piano Exchange.  Sort of an eclectic exchange of not just pianos but anything you can imagine.  It was hard to navigate in theses quarters – there was stuff everywhere, but the good thing is it was real interesting to shoot.  Looking forward to how the Piece will look!  Nice work today Guys! 

Take a look at how the shoot came out!  Its pretty cool!