Creative Consulting

Every person or company we work with will have a preliminary evaluation. We'll discuss your vision/goals and begin to see what solutions may best fit your needs. Below are some creative consulting services we offer.
•  Strategy
•  Evaluation and Assessment
•  Creative Vision
•  Research & Analysis
•  Creative Systems & Structure

Branding Solutions

Branding is the overall story of a company that is told and seen within the first 30 seconds of introduction.  Your brand should reflect who you are as a culture and what you do or sell as a product/service before you even have time to think about it.  It's an art that is not only intentional but strategic. Lets learn how to build and steward your brand together.
•  Brand Personality
•  Brand Culture
•  Brand Messaging
•  Brand Education
•  Brand Asset Management
•  Brand Solutions

•  Brand Style Guides

Print Design

Although more and more media solutions are waning on the print end, there will always be a place for print solutions. Lets face it, people still love to touch papers, flip though catalogs, and experience unique, compelling designs.  We'll help you market part of your print brand through the following: 
•  Logo design
•  Corporate Identity
•  Sell Sheets
•  Brochures & Collateral
•  Packaging
•  Invitations, postcards, direct Mailing
•  Trade Show
•  Advertising


Video Design

Video is one of the most powerful tools in the media industry. When you create a video asset, not only does it brand who you are, but with social capabilities you have the potential to reach millions of people around the world.  Some of the video capabilities that we offer are:
•  Logo intros/outros
•  Motion Graphics
•  Live Action Video
•  Corporate Video
•  Graphics Packages

•  Lower Thirds
•  3D Animation

Web Design

We are committed to partnering with intuitive Content Management Systems (CMS) . We'll match you with a CMS partner that fits your business needs best.  
•  CMS Solutions
•  Website Branding
•  Information Architecture
•  Email Partner Solutions
•  Custom Email Templates
•  Mobile and Tablet Friendly Websites

•  Prezi Presentations

Mobile Design

With todays growing number of mobile devices and tablets in the world, theres never been more demand in reaching people on the go.  Lets face it, Mobile design will drive the future of communication with each unfolding year. 
•  App Company Solutions
•  Mobile website Solutions

•  Digital Magazines

Social Media Solutions

It's extremely important to have a Social media presence, however its not that important to be on every social media platform! We'll help guide you on what social media platforms best fit your business type and how often you should maintain your social accounts.

Training & Equipping

Training and equipping are more or less an accountability tool in helping you and your company to be aware of your behaviors in regards to your brand. We will train you in good practice for each of the following:
•  Design - Training
•  Brand - Training
•  CMS - Training

•  Software - Training
•  Asset Management - Training

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